About Me

Stephanie Anderson
Female , 21
Hometown: Dalmeny, Saskatchewan, Canada
Living in:     Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Im kind of an enigma, But in simple terms I am a:
Missionary …( although I dont live in a hut …Unless I’m in Papua New Guinea that is ) and most of my job mostly doing graphic design, photography, and hanging out with kids …and I dont get paid for it
A Photographer… (although i dont really like to give myself that title)
Passionate for the arts.
I’m a realist
I’m a dreamer and I love controversy
Im a pretty big fan of the outdoors, you can pretty much plop me down anywhere with a good view of the sky. day or night rain or shine. and ill be a happy girl

but to sum that all up…… pretty much what im all about is creating things and enjoying creation. and I believe that nothing in this life really matters except to love God and love people.

I started this blog to give myself a creative outlet. I dont care how many “page views” or comments I get. I do this because I love to.  And it wasn’t till recently that I disovered that.

I decided that im going to pursue my “thing”. Im not going to let my feelings or “resistance,” win. So how I did that as a Photographer was decide to take photos. I don’t have that conversation with myself everyday because I know I will lose it. Sure, there are days when it is harder than others and I fail. But for the most part, that is a settled issue. I am a photographer. Photographers take photos. They don’t argue about whether or not they do. They don’t analyze if they will take photos today or not. They do it.

(inspired by Jon Acuff )


3 Comments to “About Me”

  1. Thanks for your comments, much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for your comments, much appreciated!

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